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Address: 3200 Hanover Rd., Horton, MI 49246

Overall Rating: 6.56

Par: 35
Yardage: Red tees – 2,830; Gold tees – 2,925; White tees – 3,090
Stimpmeter: 9.1

Deer Run Golf Course Clubhouse

Clubhouse and Amenities – Rating 6.54

The clubhouse for Deer Run Golf Course, a 9-hole golf course in Horton, Michigan has an on-site restaurant with a full menu and a Friday night fish fry we highly recommend. There is a full bar, a limited selection of apparel and equipment, all at average pricing. The parking is very good and there is a self-serve bag drop. A putting green to warm up is available. Carts are newer and in great shape with the cart paths being solid and decent. Though short staffed at the time of review, the service was still very good through effort and accommodation. We found it a great place to grab a drink, relax, have some fun and, if you love fish, be there on a Friday night.

Deer Run Golf Course Hole 1

Hole 1 – Par 4 – Rating 6.80

Red: 278 yds
Gold: 300 yds
White: 343 yds

Begin your round on small and level tees blocks. The fairway is rolling with medium rough. There are no hazards on this hole. The fringe is maintained around the small, medium speed green with a hard but rolling surface. 

Deer Run Golf Course Hole 2

Hole 2 – Par 4/5 – Rating 6.86

Red: 219 yds / 399 yds
Gold: 238 yds / 411 yds
White: 258 yds
/ 432 yds

The tees here are level and small but give you a good look where you are headed. The rolling fairway runs downhill and doglegs slightly right. This hole can have a double green if they have the par 4 aspect set to go. A water hazard cuts across the par 5 style fairway. Bunkers are real sand but not raked and the fringe is maintained. This green is medium in both size and speed. It is hard to hold and crowned.

Deer Run Golf Course Hole 3

Hole 3 – Par 3 – Rating 6.33

Red: 100 yds
Gold: 120 yds
White: 138 yds

Your first par 3 is what we consider the signature hole for Deer Run Golf Course. This beautiful par 3 starts from small, level and elevated tees to an island green. Plan for all carry over a water hazard to a green surrounded by a maintained fringe with a few small dead spots. The green is large, medium in speed, receptive, rolling, tiered, and sloped back to front. There is also a real sand bunker up front to carry with multiple rakes available.

Deer Run Golf Course Hole 4

Hole 4 – Par 4 – Rating 6.00

Red: 240 yds
Gold: 324 yds
White: 389 yds

After a thrilling island green, a straight-away par 4 from level and small tees is a welcome sight. The rolling fairway has medium length rough and runs uphill. Bunkers are real sand with multiple rakes and the fringe mostly maintained but does have a few small dead spots. The green is hard to hold and rolling with a medium putting pace and is medium size.

Deer Run Golf Course Hole 5

Hole 5 – Par 5 – Rating 6.40

Red: 315 yds
Gold: 355 yds
White: 399 yds

The 2nd and final par 5 starts on small and level tee boxes. The fairway is rolling, runs uphill, and doglegs left. The rough is medium length and there are no hazards. A maintained fringe edges this medium size green that is receptive, rolling, and elevated. It also runs at a medium speed.

Deer Run Golf Course Hole 6

Hole 6 – Par 3 – Rating 6.86

Red: 163 yds
Gold: 176 yds
White: 200 yds

​Small and level tees point you right at the green for this last par 3. Not much of a fairway but there find flat with medium length rough. Real sand bunkers protect the green which is medium in size and speed with a receptive and rolling surface that is sloped back to front. 

Deer Run Golf Course Hole 7

Hole 7 – Par 4 – Rating 6.33

Red: 239 yds
Gold: 311 yds
White: 330 yds

This hole starts a string of 3 par 4’s to finish with level and small tee blocks. There is a rolling fairway with medium rough and the bunkers are real sand. A maintained fringe surrounds this receptive, rolling, green that is sloped back to front, medium in size and medium in speed.

Deer Run Golf Course Hole 8

Hole 8 – Par 4 – Rating 6.80

Red: 252 yds
Gold: 285 yds
White: 338 yds

Medium size, level tees give you a look at the tree-lined fairway on this straight par 4. The fairway is rolling with medium length rough and no hazards. The medium size green is edged by a maintained fringe. This green is medium speed, rolling, receptive and crowned.

Deer Run Golf Course Hole 9

Hole 9 – Par 4 – Rating 7.20

Red: 263 yds
Gold: 292 yds
White: 309 yds

Large, level tee boxes begin your final hole. The rolling fairway runs downhill with medium rough and a real sand fairway bunker to avoid. A maintained fringe is around this large, fast paced green that has a receptive and rolling surface that is also tiered and sloped back to front. 

Overall Course Rating: 6.62


Deer Run Golf Course in Horton, Michigan, is a public golf course that presents a picturesque and well-maintained landscape, offering 9 holes of golf to enthusiasts along with a delightful experience. The course design incorporates challenging yet fair holes suitable for players of various different skill levels. There are multiple sets of tees, real sand bunkers, and a full restaurant. It plays a respectable 3,090 yards from the longest tees with its lush greenery and strategic layout and it provides an enjoyable round of golf in a serene setting. The green fees are also quite affordable.

The staff’s friendliness and the overall ambiance add to the positive experience, making it a recommended spot for both casual and avid golfers looking for an engaging and scenic golfing adventure in the Horton area. Deer Run Golf Course is embraced by the Horton community. Members and local golfers had so many wonderful things to say about the management of this course. See our video of Deer Run Golf Course.

The fairways rate the highest and most consistent at a 7.66.

Pricing: For pricing and tee times, call (517) 688-3350 or visit the Deer Run Facebook page.

Value Rating: +2.08

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