Thank you to T.A.G. Golf Company for providing samples of their magnetic golf towels for us to test and review.

From the time we were children, we loved magnets.  For years, magnets held our photos and prized schoolwork on the fridge, and we had hours of fun drawing Wooly Willy with a magnetic wand. So, it’s not so surprising the world of golf would need its own playful twist, adding a strong magnet to the ultimate golf towel.  In this review, we’ll share the origins of T.A.G. Magnetic Towels, their construction and durability, the practicality of their magnetic design, sizing options, pricing, and customization possibilities. Plus, we’ll share some suggestions on other practical uses to benefit from this versatile accessory – you may want to buy one for everyone on your shopping list this year.

T.A.G. Golf Co

Origin Story

We had the opportunity to meet Dan and Pat, founders of T.A.G. Golf Company at the Michigan Golf Show.  Established in 2021, TAG Magnetic Towels were born out of a simple yet significant problem: golfers struggling to keep their towels in place during rounds. Recognizing this frustration, Dan and Pat set out to design a towel that would stay put, keeping players’ hands dry and clubs clean without interruption. 

Design of T.A.G. Magnetic Golf Towels

TAG Magnetic Towel Pink Sidekick

Waffle weave pattern

Crafted from premium microfiber material, A T.A.G. Magnetic Towel boasts exceptional drying capability.  The moisture-absorbing microfiber golf towels are lightweight, highly absorbent, and typically dry more quickly than cotton towels.   Additionally, the waffle texture creates more surface area to make quicker work of drying clubs and golf balls than their terry cloth cousins.  The microfiber towel fabric with its waffle texture has a shorter dry time as well.  Being from Michigan, where humidity is an issue, we appreciate fast drying.  Interestingly, one Amazon reviewer shared that it dries too quickly if you play in a desert.  

TAG magnetic golf towel on driver side of golf cart

Magnet to Pick It Up

In addition to the 6″ bag loop, an industrial strength magnet is strategically placed at the center top of the towel along its long edge.  Each towel also comes with a carabiner clip to secure the towel to your golf bag.  In the case of the standard size towel, the carabiner is attached to the Tees/Valuables pouch which can be used for storing classic golf staples like golf balls or tees. T.A.G.’s towels feature a powerful magnet that securely adheres to any metal surface like the posts of a golf car.  The magnet has coating that prevents scratches on metal or clubs.  They also sell a belt buddy and caddy clip for to keep the small towel on your person at all times.  Golfers can drop the towel to focus on their putting game and use a club to pick up their towel by the magnet.  An added advantage is using the towel’s industrial-strength magnet to pick up a ball marker. The small sidekick towel comes with the Club plug, a metal plug designed for placement at the end of the grip of your putter.  

Sidekick towel with belt clip
The sidekick attaches to a belt clip
Belt clip has magnetic front
Their belt clip has a magnetic front
Sidekick towel with golf ball
Showing inside and optional carabiner
Original size and sidekick size golf towels from tag

Sizes and Distance Marking

Available in two sizes to suit different needs, T.A.G. Magnetic Towels offer ample coverage for golfers of all levels. Additionally, the original 18×36″ towel features convenient distance markings to help your golf game.  Use the rule lines as a training aide or to measure out the classic GIMMIE to save par and move to the next hole on the golf course.  We appreciate the GIMMIE strategy because it helps maintain pace of play for the entire round of golf.  The smaller sidekick towel is 1/3 of the size of the original, folded and sewn on one edge forming a 6″ square pocket.   The sidekick towel is handy for cleaning your putter head and golf ball as you return to your golf cart.  

TAG Magnetic Towel on Golf Cart

Pricing and Availability

Despite their premium quality and innovative design, T.A.G. Magnetic Towels are competitively priced, making them accessible to golfers of all budgets. They are available online thru the T.A.G. Golf Co site and on Amazon.  Amazon has a bit more detail in the description as well as virtual bundle options.  Amazon Prime members also enjoy free shipping.   Additionally, T.A.G. recognizes those who protect and serve with their Home Team Discount program for Military, Fire, EMS, and Police.  Look in the footer section of their website for more details on this program.

Testing of T.A.G. Magnetic Golf Towels

T.A.G. Golf Company recommends hand wash and air dry for optimal performance.  The product information on Amazon for the TAG original towel indicates machine washing and air dry for product care.  According to Microfiber Wholesale, manual washing is gentler on the fabric and extends the lifespan of microfiber towels.  Handwashing is also more environmentally friendly because it uses less water and energy. We also read that high heat dryers can melt and shrink the microfiber.

Based on T.A.G.’s recommendation and the microfiber website, we tested the cleaning of the pink Sidekick. After grinding in dirt and grass, we hand washed in the sink without soap (just water!) to test the cleanability of the microfiber material. It didn’t take long to rinse away the dirt and get the towel back to looking new. The logo is just as bright and readable after cleaning too. If at first you think you’ll want to throw it in the washing machine, you might be equally impressed with how quickly this towel cleans up. There will likely be times when more than water is needed due to odor or other circumstances, but since it’s so absorbent, a little will likely go a long way.

Dirty Towel

Sidekick Towel Test: Front side with ground in dirt (photo taken outdoors before cleaning)

small golf towel with carabiner and ground in dirt

Backside shows the ground in stepped on dirt (photo taken outdoors before cleaning)

after washing

Results after cleaning with just water (photo taken indoors)

Dried Golf Towel

Drying Test

After cleaning, the towel was very wet, and we used the carabiner to hang it indoors for drying. With climate control indoors, we had to wait more than a couple hours, but it dried easily overnight. The towel remained flexible and usable without any stiffness after drying.

Selections and Beyond

Original size and sidekick size golf towels from tag

Selection and Options

Original size towels are currently available in 4 solid colors, Black, Blue, Charcoal and Light Gray, and 2 signature prints, Home Team Americana and Blue Steel Camo.  Sidekick pocket towels are available in the same 4 solid colors as the original size as well as pink and 3 signature prints. We asked – and an original size pink towel is coming soon. Sidekick prints include the Blue Steel and Home Team that match their big brother towel size as well as one called Hometown.  
This final sidekick print is a nod to the windy city and its flag.  It features a print in light blue with red stars complimented by red accents including a red magnet. We asked about a full-size towel in the hometown print, and they are working on a new design for their Chicago series which will be a limited edition. The signature prints are vibrant, colorful golf towels and reverse to a solid color.  TAG Golf will make custom towels for large group events as well as wholesale items for resellers. Check out their site for all the details.

TAG sidekick on belt clip

Beyond Golf

While T.A.G. Magnetic Golf Towels are a game-changer for golfers, their utility extends beyond the fairways. Non-golfers can also benefit from these towels during outdoor activities such as gardening, hiking, camping, or fishing. The magnetic attachment system makes them perfect for securing to metal surfaces on boats, RVs, or even grills, ensuring a clean and dry experience wherever adventure takes you.   It’s easy to see how the T.A.G. magnetic golf towel and the sidekick can be great gifts that provide ultimate convenience thanks to its design.

Summary of T.A.G. Magnetic Golf Towels

T.A.G. Magnetic Golf Towels deliver on both practicality and innovation, providing golfers with easy access and a reliable solution for easy cleaning of your golf clubs and to keep them dry on the course.  As their slogan says, easy pickup with the secure hold of the magnet makes this convenient.  With their durable construction, magnetic attachment system, and customizable options, these towels are a must-have accessory for any golfer looking to enhance their game. So why settle for ordinary towels when you can upgrade to T.A.G. Magnetic Towels and experience the difference for yourself? It may be the last golf towel you ever need to buy.

After over 6 weeks of extensive testing and use on the golf course under a variety of conditions we at Michigan Golf Matrix find the T.A.G. Magnetic Golf Towels to be a very useful and high-quality item. They are great for all needs on the course and the magnetic feature makes them always remain handy. Plus, the feature of the lines to establish the groups “Gimme” lengths is just genius to eliminate any of those unwanted conflicts of if a putt was close enough to pick up.

All-in-all we rate the T.A.G. Magnetic Golf Towels at an 8.3 overall rating.

Pricing: For pricing and selection, see their website or shop T.A.G. Golf Co.

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