An unbiased review of Saskatoon Golf Club Silver Course in Kent County, Michigan, by an average golfer using the Michigan Golf Matrix Scoring System.
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Address: 9038 92nd St. SE, Alto, MI 49302  

Par: 35
Yardage: Red tees – 2,126; White tees – 2,769; Blue tees – 2,967.
Stimpmeter: 9.6

Clubhouse at Saskatoon Golf Course

Clubhouse & Amenities – Rating 6.84

Saskatoon Golf Club facility offers generous parking, a convenient bag drop, and consistently reliable service. Golfers can expect well-maintained carts and sturdy cart paths, complemented by an impressive clubhouse and amenities such as a driving range. The equipment and apparel selection is moderate, with pricing falling within the average range. The food and drink options are also average in variety and cost with a full-service restaurant, and patrons can enjoy a full bar and access to banquet services.

Saskatoon Golf Club Silver Course

Hole 1 at Saskatoon Silver Golf Course

Hole 1 – Par 4                                  Rating 8.00

Red: 280 yds
White: 346 yds
Blue: 357 yds

A large level tee box leads to a rolling downhill fairway. Medium rough lines the fairway. Real sand is in bunkering. Fringe is well maintained. A medium sized rolling green is very receptive. and runs at medium speed.

Saskatoon Golf Club Silver Hole 2

Hole 2 – Par 5                                    Rating 10.00

Red: 424 yds
White: 484 yds
Blue: 510 yds

Level large tee block leads to a rolling, downhill fairway with medium depth rough. Real sand is in bunkers. Medium sized rolling green runs at medium speed, surrounded by well-maintained fringe, and is very receptive.

Saskatoon Golf Club Silver Hole 3

Hole 3 – Par 3                                    Rating 8.00

Red: 73 yds
White: 120 yds
Blue: 143 yds

Level tee block starts this short par 3. Medium length rough surrounds the green. Bunkers are real sand and maintained. Green has a maintained fringe, medium size and speed, with hard surface.

Saskatoon Golf Club Silver Hole 4

Hole 4 – Par 5                                    Rating 8.00

Red: 317 yds
White: 463 yds
Blue: 478 yds

This par 5 starts with a level tee pointing you downhill to the flat fairway. Golf with medium length rough and real sand bunkers. A hard surfaced medium sized rolling green runs medium speed. Fringe is maintained.

Saskatoon Golf Club Silver Hole 5

Hole 5 – Par 4                                    Rating 8.00

Red: 194 yds
White: 264 yds
Blue: 276 yds

Large level tee block starts out this very short par 4. Next is an uphill, downhill, rolling fairway with medium rough, real sand bunkers, and maintained fringe. Rolling green is medium sized and speed but a bit hard to hold.

Saskatoon Golf Club Silver Hole 6

Hole 6 – Par 3                                    Rating 8.28

Red: 71 yds
White: 124 yds
Blue: 152 yds

This short par 3 has a large level tee, medium rough, beautiful flowing stream. Bunkers are real sand. Well-maintained fringe surrounds a medium sized rolling green that plays hard. Green runs at medium speed and is receptive.

Saskatoon Golf Club Silver Hole 7

Hole 7 – Par 4                                    Rating 8.00

Red: 332 yds
White: 416 yds
Blue: 440 yds

Small level tees are on this long par 4. It is one of the toughest on the Silver 9. Golf a rolling downhill fairway with medium rough along the way. Bunkers are real sand. Maintained fringe surrounds a hard rolling green of medium size and speed.

Saskatoon Golf Club Silver Hole 8

Hole 8 – Par 3                                    Rating 8.00

Red: 128 yds
White: 192 yds
Blue: 212 yds

This long par 3 makes up for the shorter ones. Large and level tee block points at the a medium speed, medium sized green that can be hard. Hole has medium rough and real sand bunkers.

Saskatoon Golf Club Silver Hole 9

Hole 9 – Par 4                                    Rating 8.00

Red: 307 yds
White: 360 yds
Blue: 399 yds

Large level tee blocks begin you on this downhill par 4. Rolling fairway with medium length rough with bunkers of real sand. Fringe is maintained and a medium sized rolling green that runs medium speed can be hard to hold at times.

Saskatoon Golf Club Silver Course Overall

Silver Course Rating: 8.08


The Saskatoon Golf Club’s Silver Course, a recent addition among its nine-hole offerings, has a thoughtfully designed layout. Famed designer Jerry Matthews came out of retirement in 2019 to help design the Silver course nine. This particular course strikes a perfect balance between challenge and enjoyment with the longest tees being 2,967 yards of golf, providing golf enthusiasts with a delightful day on the links. Along with its partner nines, The Gold course, Red Course, Blue course and the White course, The Silver Course helps make Saskatoon Golf Club one of the most popular public golf courses in the greater Grand Rapids area.

From the initial tee shot to the final approach on the ninth hole, the Silver Course maintains an unwavering level of consistency in its hole layout. The fairways are impeccably groomed, bunkers strategically placed, and the greens receive meticulous attention. This commitment to detail elevates the overall golfing experience, making each swing and putt a seamless part of a harmonious round.

This course is not only a testament to contemporary design but also a reflection of the Saskatoon Golf Club’s dedication to providing golfers of all skill levels with a fair yet stimulating golfing experience. Whether you’re an experienced player seeking a new challenge or a casual golfer looking for a pleasant day on the course, the Saskatoon Golf Club Silver Course promises an unforgettable and rewarding outing amidst its scenic and well-maintained surroundings. See our video of Saskatoon Golf Club – Silver Course.

The fairways and greens rate a high consistent 8.00 on average and hole 2 rates a top rating of 10.00.

Pricing: Contact Saskatoon Golf Club at (616) 891-9229 for current rates.

Value Rating: +2.46

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