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Address: 714 125th Avenue, Shelbyville, MI 49344

Overall Rating: 6.75

Par: 36
Yardage: Red tees – 2,386; White tees – 2,791; Blue tees – 2,893
Stimpmeter: 9.0

Orchard Hills Golf Course Clubhouse

Clubhouse and Amenities – Rating 6.54

Orchard Hills Golf Course provides ample parking along with a self-serve bag drop. While there, enjoy good service throughout, good carts and solid cart paths.  They have a nice clubhouse and decent amenities such as practice green and driving range. For those in need of supplies, there’s an average selection of equipment along with a small selection of apparel with average pricing on both. If in need of refreshment, food and drink selections are average in terms of pricing and selection. Additionally, Orchard Hills Golf Course has a full bar and banquet center.

Orchard Hills Golf Course Red Hole 1

Hole 1 – Par 5 – Rating 8.00

Red: 370 yds
White: 420 yds
Blue: 425 yds

Your round starts on a level and medium size tee box. This flat fairway doglegs right then runs slightly uphill to the medium size green. Medium length rough edges the fairway and the bunkers have real sand. The elevated green has a maintained fringe, is firm yet still receptive, and putts at a medium speed.

Orchard Hills Golf Course Red Hole 2

Hole 2 – Par 3 – Rating 8.00

Red: 150 yds
White: 165 yds
Blue: 215 yds

Medium size, level tees point to straight-ahead to this first par 3. Expect a flat approach that is tree-lined with no hazards. The maintained fringe lies around this medium size green with a firm yet receptive surface.  Green runs at a medium speed.

Orchard Hills Golf Course Red Hole 3

Hole 3 – Par 4 – Rating 7.67

Red: 241 yds
White: 276 yds
Blue: 282 yds

Hole 3 begins on medium size, level tee blocks. A flatter fairway doglegs left, with medium length rough, trees lining the fairway and real sand bunkers that are fairly deep. A medium size and speed green awaits.  Surrounded by a maintained fringe, the firm and receptive green does not have much break.

Orchard Hills Golf Course Red Hole 4

Hole 4 – Par 4 – Rating 7.33

Red: 303 yds
White: 359 yds
Blue: 364 yds

You get a beautiful view down this tree-lined fairway from level, medium size tees. The flat fairway runs slightly downhill, edged with medium length rough. Bunkers contain real sand and maintained fringe surrounds the green. The medium size green is receptive but again firm.  This rolling surface putts at a medium speed.

Orchard Hills Golf Course Red Hole 5

Hole 5 – Par 4 – Rating 7.33

Red: 263 yds
White: 327 yds
Blue: 333 yds

Tee off from medium size and level tee blocks. The fairway is tree-lined, flat and has medium length rough. The bunkers contain real sand but there are a few stones to watch for. Maintained fringe circles this medium size green that is firm, receptive, and runs at a medium speed.

Orchard Hills Golf Course Red Hole 6

Hole 6 – Par 4 – Rating 6.80

Red: 277 yds
White: 319 yds
Blue: 322 yds

From level, medium size tees, find the tree-lined, flat fairway that runs slightly down hill and then slightly back uphill. The rough is medium in length and there are no hazards to worry about. This medium size and speed green is receptive yet firm with a maintained fringe around it.

Orchard Hills Golf Course Red Hole 7

Hole 7 – Par 3 – Rating 7.20

Red: 101 yds
White: 101 yds
Blue: 108 yds

Your last par 3 on the east Nine has large and level tees to tee from. This approach is flat and the rough is short here. There is real sand bunkering but unfortunately it lies unraked at time of review. There is a maintained fringe around the medium size green that is firm but receptive. It slopes back to front and putts at a medium speed.

Orchard Hills Golf Course Red Hole 8

Hole 8 – Par 5 – Rating 7.00

Red: 407 yds
White: 514 yds
Blue: 529 yds

This is a tight driving hole from level, medium size tees in a chute on this final par 5. The fairway is tree-lined, rolling with both uphill and downhill features, unraked real sand bunkers. A maintained fringe surrounds this medium size green. The green is tiered, sloped back to front, firm but receptive, and rolls at a medium pace.

Orchard Hills Golf Course Red Hole 9

Hole 9 – Par 4 – Rating 6.80

Red: 274 yds
White: 310 yds
Blue: 315 yds

You finish the nine with this par 4 from small, but level, tees. If on an evening round, it takes you into the setting sun. This rolling, tree-lined fairway has a slight dogleg right and medium length rough. No hazards await you here. The medium size green has a maintained fringe, putts at a medium speed, and is firm yet receptive.

Overall Course Rating: 7.35


Orchard Hills East Nine is a public golf course and a little gem in the heart of the countryside.  Yet, it’s not far from Yankee Springs State Park or picturesque Gun Lake. The 9-hole east nine has manicured fairways bordered by lush trees and gentle rolling hills. Designed for players of different skill levels, it’s well-designed layout sports multiple holes of golf with multiple sets of tees and undulating greens. It plays a respectable 2,983 yards from the longest tees. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer looking for a quick round or a casual player seeking a leisurely outing, Orchard Hills East Nine promises an enjoyable experience.  It’s perfect for new and beginners as well as seasoned golfers. See our video of Orchard Hills East Nine.

Pricing: For pricing and tee times, see or call (269) 627-7096.

Value Rating: +3.75

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