A review of the Michigan’s Premier Golf Passbook, 2024 edition, from Hole In One Golf Book.

Michigan Golf Passbook Overview

Hole In One Golf Book

Look for Michigan Golf Matrix’s ad in the 2024 passbook.

About the Passbook Format

A golf passbook serves as a valuable savings tool for golfers wanting exclusive offers and amazing deals across various courses.  A passbook functions similar to a passport. It is available in a print edition only, intended for one individual, and has an expiration date.  As the golf discounts are redeemed, the unused passes are filled in.  Although often referred to as a coupon book, there are no tear-out coupons or tear-out pages.  Passbooks must remain intact and redemption boxes are checked off by the course. This ensures the book’s integrity and authenticity.

About Hole in One Golf Book

As a veteran-owned business, Hole in One Golf Book not only provides savings opportunities but also represents a commitment to service and excellence. Being veteran-owned signifies that the company is owned and operated by individuals who have served in the military, embodying values of discipline, dedication, and integrity. Moreover, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of these passbooks goes towards programs dedicated to supporting veterans in need, underscoring the company’s dedication to giving back to those who have served their country.


Clubhouse at Castle Creek Golf Club

Castle Creek is in the Central East / Thumb section of the passbook.

Over 80 Michigan golf courses

The organization of the Hole In One Golf Book reflects the geographical layout of the state. It has six distinct sections covering Northwest, Northeast, Central West, Central Wast (Thumb), Southwest, and Southeast regions. Golfers can easily navigate through the passbook to identify destination courses to visit. Each section contains a selection of participating courses offering discounts and special offers. The passbook is a comprehensive guide for golfers seeking savings and adventure in Michigan’s rich golfing landscape.   Approximately 85 courses participate in the book and some passes can be used for multiple visits.  For a complete list of courses, see the ordering information link at the end of this post.

Michigan Golf Passbook Offers

Lake Doster Golf Clubhouse

Lake Doster Golf Club is in the Southwest Section of the passbook.

Exclusive Deals

These teetime golf passes and discounts are exclusive deals for the 2024 season.   So, they can’t combine with any other offer, special, or discount and expire at the end of this year’s golf season. Passes with three visits have defined date ranges. These are opening to June 30, July 1 to September 15 and September 16 to season end.  Each course’s pass lists dates, making it easy to understand how to use during early, peak, and late season golf.  
Stated offers specify any exclusive features such as day or time restrictions.  In most cases, golfers must call for tee time and schedule during open play.    Some stay and play packages may be based on double-occupancy.   If your fellow golfers are long time partners on the course, we suggest you get extra books. Each golfer will need their own book to enjoy these player’s fee offers.

Evergreen Resort

We featured Evergreen Resort in our post from the Michigan Golf Show.

Golf Packages

There are several options for golf packages with lodging. Riverwood Resort offers two stay and play options. These include lodging and unlimited golf. Additionally, there’s a pass for one 18-hole round of golf. This pass is valid for early, peak, and late season golf. You can use it at Riverwood Resort and The Pines at Lake Isabella. Another Stay and Play location is Lakewood Shores and includes 3 courses:  The Gailes, Seradella, and The Blackshire.  Lakewood Shores also has separate passes a round of golf at each course. Lastly, Evergreen Resort Stay and Play packages include 36 holes of golf and lodging. Formerly known as MacGuire’s, this golf course has a lot to offer as we shared in our recent post.

Clubhouse at Black Lake Golf Club

Black Lake Golf Club has a pass for a round of golf in the passbook

Main deal types and hottest deals

As you can see from the passbook’s website, the most common promotional deal is a discounted rate for a round of golf with cart.  But we found some bonus destinations and deals to share.
Midland Golf HQ has driving range discounts with five redemptions – a great opportunity for extra practice.  
Fieldstone Golf Club in Auburn Hills had our attention with seven redemptions for rounds of golf.  At first glance, the rate for one 18-hole round with a golf cart seemed a bit higher than other courses in the book.  But, it’s a special deal for peak season golf on Friday-Sundays and holidays that respectfully matches the Auburn Hills resident rate.  Additionally, Fieldstone Golf Club is one of the many amazing courses designed by Arthur Hills.  
If you are in the Grand Rapids area or looking for destination courses in the west Michigan area, there’s a pass for Wallinwood Springs Golf Club.  $20 for one 18 hole round of golf at a course designed by Jerry Matthews is a great example of the kind of deals we enjoy.  Did we mention this course has an island green?

Summary of the Michigan Golf Pass Book

While some of the best deals may be the stay and play packages or the weekday discounts, discounted rounds of golf offer a great value for weekend golfers, too.  If you are looking to explore new courses across the mitten state this year, this is for you. The Hole in One Golf Book has discounted green fees for every budget.   Deals range from driving range discounts to stay and play packages with unlimited golf.  
Partner courses in the passbook range from local favorites to bonus destination golf courses like the Rock in the Upper Peninsula or Antrim Dells with clubhouse views of Lake Michigan.  Passes clearly indicate any exclusive details, including dates for the indicated number of times each pass may be used. We love how clear and easy it is to follow and phone numbers are right on the passes. Lastly, when purchasing these teetime golf pass deals, we are supporting veterans in need.  

To purchase Michigan’s Premier Golf Passbook for 2024, go to the Hole in one Golf Book website.

Here are some reviews of partner courses in the passbook:

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