An unbiased review of Glenbrier Golf Course in Shiawassee County, Michigan, by an average golfer using the Michigan Golf Matrix Scoring System.
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4178 West Locke Rd., Perry, MI 48872

Front 9: Par 36

Back 9: Par 36

Overall Course (all 18): Par 72

Yardage: Red tees – 5,166; White tees: – 6,158; Blue tees – 6,475
Stimpmeter: 7.5

Glenbrier Golf Course Clubhouse

Clubhouse and Amenities – Rating 7.34

The 18-hole Glenbrier Golf Course offers generous parking facilities alongside a convenient self-serve bag drop, complemented by commendable service. While the golf cart and cart paths are sturdy, they could benefit from some maintenance. The clubhouse is impressive, providing satisfactory amenities and great fun. Additionally, there is a modest range of equipment and apparel, priced at an average level. Food and beverage options are also average in selection and pricing, with Putter’s Pub offering a full bar and menu for patrons. A great place to unwind.

Glenbrier Golf Course Review of Front Nine

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 1

Hole 1 – Par 5 – Rating 5.66

Red: 381 yds
White: 475 yds
Blue: 490 yds

Starting the course is a par 5 with a level but small tee block in good condition.  Next is a  tree lined flat fairway with medium rough and sandy bunkers.   Fringe is very decently maintained and surrounds a small sized green that is very receptive and runs at a slower speed.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 2

Hole 2 – Par 4 – Rating 5.42

Red: 240 yds.
White: 339 yds.
Blue: 349 yds.

Beginning on a level tee block you drive into a rolling fairway lined by trees and short rough. It’s a dogleg left and water on the sides and back of the green protects. Water is stagnant, needing attention. Additionally, find sandy bunkers and good, maintained fringe as well as a small receptive green that runs at a faster speed.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 3

Hole 3 – Par 4 – Rating 5.72

Red: 285 yds.
White: 340 yds.
Blue: 375 yds.

Small level tee blocks lead to a nice flat slight dogleg left fairway with medium rough. Although there is a stagnant water hazard bunkers are real sand and maintained. Fringe is maintained and a medium sized green running at medium speed is very receptive.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 4

Hole 4 – Par 4 – Rating 5.14

Red: 248 yds.
White: 310 yds.
Blue: 328 yds.

This short par 4 starts with level small tee blocks is a left dogleg. Creek crosses a flat fairway at about 200 yards. Water is both good and at places a bit stagnant. Real sand bunkers frame a small medium speed green that can hold shots with how receptive it is. Fringe is well maintained.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 5

Hole 5 – Par 4 – Rating 5.72

Red: 280 yds.
White: 341 yds.
Blue: 361 yds.

A level set of small tee blocks start this slight dogleg right. A flat fairway with long rough follows and hole has real sand bunkers. Approach shot over wetlands. Note the well-maintained fringe and medium sized receptive green that runs at medium speed. Greens are undulating.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 6

Hole 6 – Par 5 – Rating 5.72

Red: 435 yds.
White: 495 yds.
Blue: 510 yds.

Level medium sized tee leads to a flat fairway with water on the left side along with OB, flowing stream, long rough, real sand bunkers and a maintained fringe. Medium sized green with medium speed is very receptive.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 7

Hole 7 – Par 3 – Rating 7.00

Red: 153 yds.
White: 186 yds.
Blue: 193 yds.

Par 3 medium sized level tees has no water or bunkering. This hole has a small sized green with well maintained fringes. Green has mounds on both sides, runs at medium speed and is very receptive. typical par 3 for public courses.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 8

Hole 8 – Par 4 – Rating 6.34

Red: 371 yds.
White: 404 yds.
Blue: 441 yds.

Unlevel tees point you to a flat fairway lined with spruce trees and a medium length rough. Bunkers are real sand and hole ends with a medium sized, receptive green that has a consistent medium speed.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 9

Hole 9 – Par 3 – Rating 6.00

Red: 130 yds.
White: 160 yds.
Blue: 172 yds.

Large level tee blocks start you on this par 3 hole to finish the front. Rough is short and bunkers are real sand. Well maintained fringes encircle a small, receptive green with slow speed. This hole gives some great views with the flowering trees at the right time of year.

Front 9 average rating: 5.86

Glenbrier Golf Course Review of Back Nine

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 10

Hole 10 – Par 4 – Rating 6.66

Red: 280 yds.
White: 367 yds.
Blue: 380 yds.

Small level tee blocks take you out to start the back 9, a dogleg right on this par 4. Golf the flat fairway that runs uphill closer to the green, short rough bordering and real sand bunkers. A medium green with a well-maintained fringe awaits you. Green is tiered and very receptive with consistent, medium speed.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 11

Hole 11 – Par 3 – Rating 6.40

Red: 108 yds.
White: 122 yds.
Blue: 137 yds.

Large level tee blocks start this short par 3. Golf with real sand bunkers, a receptive medium sized green with medium speed and maintained fringes. Green slopes back to front.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 12

Hole 12 – Par 5 – Rating 6.28

Red: 513 yds.
White: 573 yds.
Blue: 588 yds.

Medium sized level tee blocks and a rolling fairway are on this very long par 5.  A creek crosses fairway and rough is medium height. Real sand with maintained bunkers and fringes are before a consistent medium speed on a medium sized, tiered, receptive green that is sloped left to right. Here is a great time to let the driver loose.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 13

Hole 13 – Par 4 – Rating 5.72

Red: 238 yds.
White: 260 yds.
Blue: 275 yds.

This short par 4 starts on level tee blocks and leads to a rolling fairway that takes you downhill and doglegs right. Long rough lines the fairway. Stagnant water hazard is left side of green. Real sand is used for bunkering. Maintained fringe surrounds a small receptive green that runs at medium speed.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 14

Hole 14 – Par 3 – Rating 6.34

Red: 120 yds.
White: 140 yds.
Blue: 165 yds.

Level medium sized tee blocks begin this par 3 which is fairly straight forward.  Rough is long. Real sand bunkers are at the green with maintained fringes. Note medium speed on this medium sized, receptive green. We consider hole 14 the courses signature hole.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 15

Hole 15 – Par 4 – Rating 6.00

Red: 240 yds.
White: 300 yds.
Blue: 320 yds.

Hole 15 is a short par 4 with large level tee blocks, flat fairway with short rough. It has real sand bunkers and a flowing water hazard that runs in front of the green. Maintained fringe surrounds a small, receptive, medium speed green.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 16

Hole 16 – Par 4 – Rating 6.34

Red: 320 yds.
White: 380 yds.
Blue: 390 yds.

Level medium tees take you to a flat fairway lined with short rough and sided to the left by a water hazard that is maintained. There are no bunkers. Also note maintained fringes and small, medium speed, receptive green.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 17

Hole 17 – Par 5 – Rating 6.00

Red: 450 yds.
White: 536 yds.
Blue: 556 yds.

This long par 5 starts with level regular sized tee blocks. Then, find a flat uphill fairway with short rough, some stagnant water on the left side, real sand bunkers and maintained fringes. The green is medium in size, receptive and runs at medium speed.

Glenbrier Golf Course Hole 18

Hole 18 – Par 4 – Rating 7.00

Red: 345 yds.
White: 430 yds.
Blue: 445 yds.

Small, un-level tee blocks to a rolling uphill fairway require a long accurate tee shot on this last hole of Glenbrier Golf Course. The rough is short and the pond is only a hazard on the right. Hole has real sand bunkers, maintained fringe and concludes with a medium size, receptive, but slow green.

Back 9 average rating: 6.30

Glenbrier Golf Course Summary

Overall Course Rating: 6.18

SUMMARY: In essence while not a great course, Glenbrier Golf Course embodies the typical golfing experience, albeit with room for some improvements in certain areas. Nonetheless, its enduring appeal lies in its affordability, making it a compelling option for golfers seeking value for their golfers money. As a public golf course with a nice layout is it good for first time golfers, small group plays, large events, and moreover, the course regularly features enticing daily exclusive deals, further enhancing its allure. Positioned as an bonus destination for a leisurely round without breaking the bank, Glenbrier Golf Course offers an inviting opportunity for players to indulge in the sport without excessive expenditure. See our video of Glenbrier Golf Course.

The Greens rate the highest at 6.66.

Pricing: Refer to or call (517) 625-3800 for tee times and pricing.

Value Rating: +3.18

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