We discovered this innovative putter design at the 2024 Michigan Golf Show and, after several weeks of on-course testing, we’re sharing our findings. We want to thank and acknowledge FocalPoint Putters for providing us with a putter for us to review. Here’s how their putter rated in the Michigan Golf Scoring Matrix:

Rating: 8.1 – Redefining Precision on the Green.

Golfers, both amateur and professional, understand the importance of a reliable putter. Enter FocalPoint Putters, a brand that’s making waves with its unique and innovative design. Combining aesthetic appeal with practical functionality, these putters are more than just eye-catching.

FocalPoint Putters

The FocalPoint Putter has a striking golden putter head.

One of the first things you’ll notice about a FocalPoint Putter is the putter’s striking face, a golden putter head. This isn’t merely for show—it’s designed to provide a balanced feel with extreme perimeter weighting, essential for a consistent putting stroke. Unlike some traditional putters, the shaft attaches at the midpoint of the head, which aids in achieving a perfect equilibrium and a one-step alignment process. This ensures your strokes are smooth and controlled.

FocalPoint Putters

The face of The FocalPoint Putter has a full sweet spot.

The putter face of the FocalPoint Putter is meticulously crafted for smoothness and a full sweet spot, promoting a clear focal point at the center of the putting face that puts a good roll on the ball at the high moment of inertia with every putt on the intended line. This feature, coupled with its well-balanced design, eliminates the complicated squaring method and makes it a favorite among golfers looking to limit missed easy putts and improve their putting game without breaking the bank. Indeed, FocalPoint Putters pricing is more affordable than many of their brand-name counterparts, making them an attractive option for those seeking quality without the hefty price tag.

FocalPoint Putters

The Mid-size putter grip.

A mid-size putter grip provides a easy tension-free feel, enhancing control and stability during your stroke over a traditional grip. An added convenience is the ball marker located at the end of the grip, ensuring you’re always ready with a simple method of marking your ball on the green.

The FocalPoint Putters come in a standard length of 34″ or 35″ shafts, and they come for right or left-handed stances. You select these at time of purchase.

FocalPoint Putters

The distinct look of the smaller putter head.

However, the FocalPoint Putter does have a distinct look due to its smaller-than-average head size. This unique aspect may take some getting used to, as it diverges from the traditional putter designs most golfers are accustomed to. Despite its unconventional appearance, the small head size contributes to a smooth, almost seamless feel during play. This helps golfers focus more on their putting stroke with a simple point in the putting direction.

For those willing to adapt to its unique design, the FocalPoint Putter offers significant advantages. The precision and balance it provides can help enhance your performance, leading to more confident and effective putting.

FocalPoint Putters

The Focalpoint Putter.

Overall, Michigan Golf Matrix gives the FocalPoint Putter a rating of 8.10. We saw positive results with our independent study of 6 weeks of separate tests in primary focus, sweet spot contact, consistent roll of the golf ball (in stark contrast to putts that jump high off the putter face), increasingly confident putting routine, alignment line, visual alignment system providing better alignment, fewer off-center shots, and overall outstanding performance. Combined with a training system of practice, The FocalPoint Putter could become a secret weapon from various positions for you on the greens.

FocalPoint Putters

Convenient ball marker in the grip end.

FocalPoint Putters are carving out a niche in the golfing world with this new putter. They might look a bit odd at first glance, but their performance on the green speaks for itself. For golfers ready to try something new, FocalPoint Putters are worth the investment. 

You can find FocalPoint Putters at https://focalpointputters.com. You can order directly online with an easy-step process and have them shipped to your home. Delivery times are quick from date of purchase, even during peak periods. There is a returns policy of a money back guarantee.

FocalPoint Putters is a family owned and operated business.

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