If you’re a dedicated golfer, you know that golf club headcovers are vital to safeguarding your valuable clubs. In this guide, we’ll simplify the process of selecting the ideal golf headcovers by breaking down essential details. We’ll explore material options, practicality, styles for different clubs, and even custom design possibilities. Even if you’re not a golfer but shopping for one, this guide is for you!

Golf Club Headcover Materials

Water Resistance

When it comes to materials, water resistance is key to keeping your clubs dry during rain showers or encounters with course sprinklers. While premium leather is appealing, don’t overlook synthetic leather, which offers a variety of color choices.  Neoprene headcovers are known for their water-resistance and flexibility.  However, remember that water-resistant covers are only effective if you dry your clubs after playing in wet conditions.  Additionally, consider that the covers may encounter dirt, turf, or sand on the course, and you’ll want to keep them looking clean and new.  Check for washing instructions if they cannot be easily wiped clean.

Black leather head cover with Arnold Palmer umbrella and white stripes
Arnold Palmer Collection by Stitch Golf in leather
White cover set with black strips in faux leather
Faux leather set by All Teed Up
black and white knit striped driver cover
Knit driver cover from Just4Golf


Also keep in mind the need for some cushioning materials that help keep clubs from hitting each other.  Not only will the covers help reduce noise, but they may also extend the life of your clubs.  The right selection of materials is crucial for top-notch protection. Many leather and vinyl covers have a cushioned lining material. Knit headcovers often have a traditional look and provide reasonable protection. You can opt for durable covers that last, or change designs each season without breaking the bank. The beauty of headcovers is the flexibility to choose between high-quality, exclusive options and more affordable, similar designs.

mitt base pulled back to show suede lining
This mitt’s lining is a suede fabric and has an interior fleece lining for extra cushion
driver cover knit neck pulled back to show the covered foam lining
This shaped foam is covered with knit fabric inside this driver cover
Live lucky blade cover with read and black design on white cover
Blade cover by CMC design has a plush lining to keep a putter looking new

Plush designs

Let’s talk about the plush material we see on some golf club head covers.  Inspect it for stuffing and weight – it may be too top heavy and blow off when the cart gains any speed. If the cover can’t stay put, it’s not doing its job. Moreover, many plush options are not waterproof. Pay attention to laundering and clean-up instructions as any headcover will get dirty. While it may not be a long-term investment, by the time it wears out, you might be ready for a change.

golf head cover that looks like doodle dog
This doodle headcover by Daphne comes with a lifetime warranty and hand washing instructions
Turtle golf club covers with plaid hat that say The Littlest Golfer on their belly
Littlest Golfer has plush covers named Putter and Sandy designed to fit clubs for kids and adults.
Golf club head covers crocheted in yellow with one stuffed head
Crochet patterns tested included a stuffed head that blew off whenever the golf cart picked up speed.

Practicality of Golf Club Headcovers

Snug Fit

Begin your search by prioritizing ease of use. The best golf headcovers should fit snugly to prevent them from flying off while driving the golf cart. However, they should also be easy to remove and quickly replace on the club before you move to the next shot. Just a glance at any golf course’s lost and found box will show you how often golfers lose their headcovers.


Zipper closures offer a tight fit, suitable for cart speeds during travel, but they may require two hands to open. When choosing a zipper closure, consider the zipper’s location if water protection is a concern. A top zipper may be easier to open, while a bottom zipper may offer more protection during sudden downpours or sprinkler encounters. Covers with knit material extending down the long neck may be easier to remove with one hand but still may require both hands to put back on. 

Back side of mitt style cover
This mitt style fits snugly to the club head but is more loose at the shaft opening
Zipper style closure on golf club cover
Zipper style closure is snug to the club shaft
knit neck of a golf club cover is folded over
A long knit neck stretches over the head cover


For efficient play, ensure you can quickly identify the right club under those high-quality headcovers. Look for numbering labels or stripe counts to expedite club selection. If you need to memorize a complicated system to identify your clubs, it could slow down your game and distract you from your best performance.

tag on club cover
Tag on the club cover
Golf club cover with embroidered number
Custom sewn club cover with number embroidered
White fairway club cover with number 3 applique
A number 3 applique is on the backside of the Fairway Finder by Ghost Golf

Styles of Golf Club Headcovers

Design or Theme

Headcovers come in a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns. You can find classic solid colors, sporty designs, animal-themed covers, and even custom options. Consider your personal style and preferences when choosing the design of your headcovers.
Dependent upon personal choice, a search for a lion golf club headcover can have different results.

Set of 3 golf club head covers with Detroit Lions branding
Set of Detroit Lions headcovers by Team Golf
Yellow head cover with embroidered lion head and fringed mane
Embroidered lion by Ready Golf
Lion puppet style headcover with signature of John Daly
John Daly Lion by Daphne’s Headcovers
hand knit driver cover made from New Zealand wool
Hand Knit lion from Sunfish

Matching or Mix-and-Match

Decide whether you want a consistent look with matching headcovers for all your clubs or if you prefer a mix-and-match approach. Some golfers choose to have matching headcovers for a cohesive look, while others enjoy the variety of different designs. It is often less expensive to get a set than to purchase individual covers.

Headcover Set Composition

Putter Covers

Putter covers usually feature Velcro, snaps, or magnetic closures and come in mallet or blade styles to match your putter. Verify that the cover fully conceals the putter’s face and fits properly. Take note of any openings, especially for blade-style putters, and check for water protection.

Golf Club Cover for Square Mallet Putter
Square mallet cover by TaylorMade
Black blade putter cover with red ribbon that says Money Maker
Blade Putter Cover by Ghost Golf
Mallet putter cover with closure has eagle and stars for Americana design
USA mallet cover by PRG Originals
Neoprene blade putter cover by Club Glove in black
Neoprene blade putter cover by Club Glove

Driver Covers

When searching for driver covers, various styles cater to different needs and preferences. Contour covers may feature zipper closures or stretchy knit material that fits over the club head. The less commonly found round barrel-shaped covers have a cylindrical top. Other classic designs include slip-ons with elastic for a snug fit. Slip-ons may have a slight contour for larger club heads or a flat, pocket-like design that folds when not in use.

CMC galaxy driver headcover with contour fit and elastic cinching
Mitt style with elastic: CMC Design Galaxy Driver
Driver golf club cover with zipper closure
Zipper closure style by JPlann
Contoured Head Cover with knit slip on neck
Vinyl top & knit neck from Team Effort
Barrel style cover for golf club driver
Barrel style cover from TaylorMade

Wood and Hybrid Covers

Fairway woods and hybrid clubs offer similar cover options to drivers and may even be available as a set with the golf driver head cover.   Number tags facilitate quick identification of the correct driver, hybrid, or fairway wood headcover. Ensure that the tag chains or cords are not excessively long, as they could slow down your game.

Cover set for ladies golf clubs
Cover set by Glove It
Plaid golf club cover with number 3 applique for fairway wood
Vintage fairway cover by Maxfli
black and white cover for hybrid labeled with X and Ping brand
Mitt style cover by Ping
Golf club cover that looks like hedgehog puppet
Hedgehog hybrid cover by Daphne

Iron Covers

Not everyone feels that iron covers are needed, but it sure does make the ride in the cart less noisy.  Iron covers come in sets and it’s important to check the size and location of the labels. Some iron covers have zippers, usually located at the top, offering less water protection. Most commonly, you’ll find a pocket style made from stretchable water-resistant fabric.  For high-quality iron covers, consider sets from Clubglove.com, made of durable neoprene.  These are easy to remove and replace quickly and provide essential cushioning to protect your clubs.

JPLANN iron covers
Iron cover set from JPLANN
Iron cover set with zipper closure
Iron set with zipper closure from MaxFli
Neoprene iron cover set with labeled tags
Glove style set with tags from Clubglove

Custom Designs for Golf Club Headcovers

Having a unique golf head cover is an excellent way to distinguish your clubs from others on the course. Unique styles or different colors make it easy to spot your headcovers and golf cart. Many courses offer distinctive designs to commemorate great rounds.  These serve as a great souvenir and conversation piece at future golf outings.

Custom Knit Covers

You can even place custom orders with your favorite family crafter for knit headcovers in your favorite sports team’s colors. While stripes are a classic choice, there are numerous options to explore. Collaborate with your crafter to ensure your custom covers align with your preferences, including size and style. Ask for laundering instructions from the yarn label to extend the life of this special gift.

While there are crochet designs for headcovers available, they aren’t recommended for golf club headcovers. Crochet designs tend to have more holes due to their looser weave and lack the stretch of knit designs. Some designs with stuffed cartoon characters may allow air to enter through the holes, causing the cover to blow away. The designs are charming and might be an option for storage more than on the course usage.

knit covers for golf clubs in gray with numbers 1-2-3-4
Free Pattern Knit Golf Club Covers by Craftdrawer
blue and white knit golf club covers with pom pons
Golf Club Covers by Cindy Craig on Ravelry
Golf Club head cover with crochet top and knit base
This crocheted headcover has a stuffed top. Even after changing the neck to a knit style, it still blew off the golf cart

Custom Sewing

If you’re considering custom head covers, Golf Gear by Darcee is an excellent resource. Darcee creates custom covers with optional embroidery designs and even offers sewing patterns for experienced sewists. For those sewing their own covers with cartoon characters or team spirit designs, many licensed prints are available in fabric stores, along with embroidery designs for various materials. Keep in mind that waterproofing may be necessary for these materials, potentially increasing the overall cost. Additionally, not all sewing machines can handle multiple layers, so this isn’t a project for novice sewists.  Our resident crafter has machines capable of sewing and embroidering on vinyl and tested out some of Darcee’s patterns. Since character designs and prints are licensed for personal use only, it’s unlikely you’d find another one made exactly the same.

Contoured head cover for driver sewn in vinyl with knit neck
Made from the Contoured Golf Club Headcover pattern by Darcee, this has vinyl with a foam lining embroidery.
Zippered Golf Club headcover with piping in blue and white
Using the Zippered Golf Club Headcover pattern by Darcee, this over was made from vinyl and a vinyl fused print. and headliner for inside cushioning.
Custom made putter cover from Harry Potter Fabric
This putter cover was custom made from a licensed print and fusible vinyl for a waterproof fit.

Other Considerations on Headcovers

Brand and Warranty

Some golfers prefer specific brands due to their reputation for quality and style. Check if the headcovers come with any warranty or satisfaction guarantee, which can give you extra peace of mind. 

Money bag driver head cover by Daphne's headcovers
Money bag driver head cover by Daphne’s headcovers


Set a budget for your headcovers. Prices can vary widely depending on the material, brand, and design. Remember that while some headcovers might be more expensive, they could offer better protection and durability. 

If you need to set priority for your headcover purchases, focus first on your putter and then move on to your driver as these are your most expensive clubs. 

Bottom Line on Golf Club Headcovers

The best golf club head covers are the those you enjoy using. If a cover frequently blows off or doesn’t fit tightly, it’s not the right choice. The best golf accessories should enhance your game, not add frustration. Easily locating the right club in your golf bag, thanks to identifiable and user-friendly protective head covers, leads to an enjoyable round.

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