Golf, often dubbed as the sport of kings, has a unique allure that captures the hearts of enthusiasts worldwide. Whether you’re shopping for a passionate golfer or someone just starting to hone their swing, finding the best golf gifts doesn’t mean draining your wallet. We’ve curated a list of budget-friendly gifts for golfers, all under $100, that will delight golfers of all levels.

Gifts for Golfers that fit in the Golf Bag

Many golf balls together closeup isolated on white

Golf Balls

Golf lovers understand the importance of having an ample supply of golf balls, and when it comes to quality, premium brands such as Bridgestone and Callaway are the go-to choices. These brands not only provide exceptional performance on the course but also offer options that won’t dent your wallet.

For those looking to elevate their golfing experience, personalized golf balls are a great way to add a personal touch to every swing. Imagine teeing off with a ball adorned with your initials or a unique design that reflects your individual style. It not only sets your ball apart from the rest but also makes for a great conversation starter on the course. A few sites for golf ball personalization are and

Golf Glove on a turf background

Golf Gloves

Golf gloves, often overlooked but undeniably essential, make for an excellent and thoughtful gift for any golf enthusiast. Beyond being a stylish accessory, a high-quality golf glove can significantly impact a golfer’s performance on the course. Picture the joy on their face as they unwrap a glove crafted from genuine leather or advanced synthetic materials, designed to enhance grip and control during every swing. The beauty of gifting a golf glove lies not just in its practicality but also in the attention to detail – the choice of materials, the precision in design, and the personalized fit. It’s a present that speaks volumes about your consideration for their golfing experience. 

Winter Golf Gloves

Winter golf gloves are essential accessories for golfers who brave the cold weather to pursue their passion on the course. Designed to provide warmth and protection in chilly conditions, these gloves are typically made with insulated materials that keep hands comfortable while maintaining flexibility for a proper grip on the club. Many winter golf gloves feature water-resistant or waterproof properties to shield hands from rain or snow, ensuring a dry and enjoyable playing experience. The snug fit and specialized construction of these gloves allow golfers to maintain dexterity and feel during each swing, helping them stay on top of their game even when the temperature drops. Whether facing brisk winds or frosty mornings, winter golf gloves are a valuable addition to any golfer’s gear, ensuring comfort and performance in colder climates.

Black Golf Umbrella Opened

Portable Golf Umbrella

Shield them from unpredictable weather with a sturdy, wind-resistant golf umbrella. A portable umbrella that fits easily into their golf bag ensures they stay dry and comfortable during their game, regardless of the weather condition. Imagine the delight on their face as they unwrap a meticulously crafted, wind-resistant umbrella that not only boasts durability but also exudes elegance. Whether they’re a seasoned golfer or an occasional player, a high-quality golf umbrella is a gift that demonstrates thoughtfulness and consideration.  It’s a practical yet stylish addition to their golf gear, showcasing your understanding of their passion for the game – a great gift when one size fits all! 

Drizzle Stick

The Drizzle Stick is a practical and innovative golf accessory designed to shield golf clubs from rain, ensuring optimal performance even in wet weather conditions. This compact and lightweight device resembles an umbrella but is specifically tailored for golfers. It features a telescoping shaft that easily fits into a golf bag and deploys quickly when needed. The canopy of the Drizzle Stick is large enough to cover the entire set of clubs, providing protection from rain, drizzle, or light showers. This handy accessory allows golfers to maintain the condition of their clubs, ensuring consistent ball-striking and preserving the quality of their equipment.

Golf Accessories

Small accessories hold an undeniable charm in the world of golf, as divot repair tools, ball markers, and tee sets stand out as indispensable additions to any golfer’s arsenal. While these items may be relatively affordable, their impact on the overall golfing experience is immeasurable. Divot repair tools, a golfer’s best friend on the green, contribute to maintaining the pristine condition of the course by swiftly mending those unintended marks left by a ball’s descent. We think this is one of the best gifts for any level of golfer. Read our post about ball mark repair tools and how to use them. 

A ball marker, not just a practical tool to identify the ball’s position, becomes a personal statement when customized or adorned with a unique design, allowing golfers to showcase their individuality on the course. Now, imagine the joy of a golfer receiving a set of personalized markers or uniquely designed accessories. It’s an opportunity to not only enhance their game but also add a touch of style and personality to their golf gear. 

Ball Marking Kit

Golf ball marking kits are tools for golfers who want to personalize and identify their golf balls on the course. These kits typically include various markers, stencils, and other accessories that allow players to create distinctive markings on their golf balls. The markers often come in vibrant colors, making it easy to differentiate one’s ball from others during play. Some kits even offer stencils or alignment aids, helping golfers achieve consistent and precise markings. Personalized ball markings not only add a touch of individuality to a golfer’s equipment but also serve a practical purpose, aiding in quick identification on the green or in the rough.

blue golf towel embroidered with "best Dad by par" and a tee on the green

Golf Towel

Ensuring easy access to a must-have accessory on the golf course, a high-absorbency, quick-drying golf towel proves to be a great idea for golfers. Opting for microfiber towels is a popular choice, providing the right size and functionality to keep clubs and balls impeccably clean and dry throughout the game. The efficient drying capabilities of these towels not only enhance the golfer’s experience but also contribute to maintaining the optimal condition of their equipment.  The clip and grommet in the towel are essential for long-term use.

Available at many pro shops, golf towels with course logos are a great conversation starter for golfers who love to travel around Michigan.

gray towel wrapped around neck and draped down the chest

Cooling Towel

Cooling towels are popular accessories among athletes and outdoor enthusiasts, providing a refreshing way to beat the heat during physical activities. Typically made from lightweight and breathable materials, these towels are designed to stay cool when wet. Users can soak the towel in water, wring out the excess, and then snap or wave it to activate the cooling effect. The evaporative cooling process helps regulate body temperature and provides relief from heat, making them particularly popular for activities like running, hiking, or playing golf in hot weather.

Golf Club Headcovers

Embarking on the journey of selecting golf headcovers is made effortless with our gift guide, especially when it comes to the crucial task of safeguarding golf clubs. Headcovers, available in an extensive array of designs, materials, and a variety of colors, present a distinctive gift opportunity for golfers of all types. Whether they lean towards the timeless appeal of classic leather, the vibrancy of funky patterns, or themed designs representing their favorite sports teams, there’s a perfect match for every personality.

Explore our handpicked selection, where you can find headcovers that not only mirror their unique style but also seamlessly fit within your desired price range. Uncover the ideal headcover that not only protects their clubs but also introduces a burst of color to their golf gear. For valuable insights on choosing the right style tailored to any golfer’s needs, delve into our dedicated post, ensuring your gift is both thoughtful and visually impactful. Read more at: Best Golf Club Headcovers

Ball Retriever

Golf ball retrievers are indispensable tools for golfers seeking to recover stray balls from hazards like water hazards or thick rough without the need to wade in or search extensively. These retrievers typically consist of a telescoping pole with a scoop or basket at the end. Golfers can extend the retriever to reach balls in challenging areas, and the scoop mechanism allows them to collect the balls efficiently. The telescoping feature makes them easy to carry in a golf bag, and some models even come with a compact, collapsible design. Golf ball retrievers not only save time during a round but also help golfers keep a steady supply of balls on hand, reducing the need to purchase new ones.

different styles of metal range tokens to go in the ball machines at driving ranges

Range Tokens

Surprise the golf enthusiast in your life with the perfect gift by considering range tokens for their favorite pastime—the driving range. Offering a simple way to enhance their practice sessions, range tokens provide golfers with easy access to honing their skills on the greens. It’s the right place for them to refine their swings, perfect their shots, and enjoy the therapeutic rhythm of driving balls downrange. Range tokens make for an excellent addition to their golfing routine and are among the favorite gifts for those dedicated to improving their game. Gift them the joy of more swings, improvement, and the satisfaction of seeing their skills flourish at the driving range – a thoughtful and practical gesture that speaks to their passion for the sport.

Golf Club Cleaning Kit

Choosing a golf club cleaning kit as a gift for the avid golfer in your life is a thoughtful way to show you understand and support their passion. Beyond just keeping their clubs looking pristine, this kit becomes a crucial tool in preserving the longevity and performance of their investment. With meticulous design aimed at preventing rust and wear, the cleaning kit ensures each swing on the course remains at its best. It’s not just a practical gift; it’s a gesture that enhances their overall golfing experience. Presenting them with a high-quality cleaning kit is like giving the gift of a well-maintained golf set, a thoughtful contribution to their love for the game that they’ll appreciate with every swing.

Gifts for Golfers to Use at Home

Putting Mat

For the golf dad or mom who’s an avid player, a putting mat becomes the closest thing to bringing the golf course home. Choose a mat equipped with alignment guides and varying hole sizes, providing a challenge suitable for golfers of different skill levels. This gift not only ensures they stay on par with their game but also offers hours of fun, allowing them to practice putting skills right in the comfort of home when they can’t make it to the course. It’s the perfect addition to their golfing haven, transforming the living room into a convenient and enjoyable space to refine techniques and indulge in the sport they love, even during those off-course moments.

Golf Swing Trainer

A golf swing trainer helps the avid golfer refine their swing mechanics, increase ball speed, swing speed, and improve their game. There are various types of training aids available, from alignment sticks to weighted clubs, catering to different aspects of their swing.

Chipping or Driving Net

Golf chipping and driving nets are versatile training aids that allow golfers to practice and refine their short game or driving skills in the comfort of their own space. These nets typically consist of a durable netting material suspended by a frame, creating a target area where golfers can aim their chips or drives. Chipping nets are specifically designed for short shots, helping golfers improve precision and accuracy around the green, while driving nets cater to longer shots, enabling players to work on their power and technique. The convenience of these nets is evident as they can be set up in backyards, garages, or any open space, providing a practical solution for honing skills without the need for a full-scale golf course.

multiple foam golf balls in a variety of colors

Practice Golf Balls

Practice golf balls serve as invaluable tools in refining one’s golf game, offering a myriad of benefits to players of all skill levels. These specialized balls, designed for repeated use, enable golfers to hone their swings, perfect their techniques, and improve their overall performance without the wear and tear typically associated with regular golf balls. Whether practicing in the backyard, at a driving range, or even indoors, these balls provide a cost-effective and convenient solution for honing precision and accuracy. Many practice balls are engineered to simulate the feel and flight of real golf balls, ensuring that the skills developed during practice seamlessly translate to the golf course. Additionally, the durability of practice golf balls allows for extended practice sessions, making them an essential companion for any golfer dedicated to mastering the intricacies of their game.

Various golf books with descriptions as "hilarious", "now a motion picture" and "how the game changed forever"

Golf Books

For the avid reader, golf books provide valuable insights into techniques, strategies, and the history of the sport and make great Christmas gifts. Select a bestselling instructional guide or a biography of a golf legend to inspire and entertain.

Open golf magazine that says "seduced by the Golf and Norther Michigan"

Magazine Subscription

Golf magazine subscriptions offer avid golfers a regular dose of the latest news, insights, and trends in the world of golf. Subscribers receive a curated mix of articles covering professional tournaments, player profiles, equipment reviews, and instructional tips. These magazines often feature stunning photography, interviews with top players, and in-depth analyses, providing a comprehensive view of the golfing world. Whether one is a seasoned pro or a casual enthusiast, golf magazine subscriptions offer a convenient and enjoyable way to stay informed about the sport. 

Coupon that says "this voucher is good for one round of golf" and "a special gift for you"

Golf Coupon Books

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that golf-loving family member? Golf coupon books are fantastic resources catering to every type of golfer, ensuring they can enjoy their favorite sport while saving money on rounds, equipment, and other golf-related expenses. These books are the only thing they need to unlock a treasure trove of discounts, vouchers, and special offers redeemable at local golf courses, driving ranges, or pro shops. From deals on green fees and practice sessions to equipment rentals or even lessons, these coupon books provide a cost-effective way for golf enthusiasts to explore new courses, improve their game, or try out different facilities without breaking the bank. It’s the ideal gift to elevate their golfing experience and make every swing more enjoyable and budget-friendly.

Hole In One’s Michigan Golf Book features coupons for many courses reviewed on our site. Look for the Michigan Golf Matrix ad in the 2024 book. We are proud to work with this veteran-owned business.

Gifts for Golfers on the Go

Golf visor with golf tee and embroider that says Michigan Golf Matrix

Golf Apparel

Elevate your favorite golfer’s experience on the course with a thoughtful gift of comfortable and stylish golf apparel. Moisture-wicking polo shirts, breathable hats, and lightweight jackets not only enhance their golf game by providing practical comfort but also contribute to their overall style on the fairways. Incorporating hats and visors into the mix is a particularly good idea, providing protection from the sun and adding a touch of flair to their golf clothes. When selecting items, consider reputable brands that strike a perfect balance between functionality and fashion, ensuring your gift becomes an essential and stylish part of their golfing wardrobe.

Rain Gear jacket and pants for golf

Rain Gear

For golfers unwavering in their commitment to playing despite adverse weather, golf rain gear is an indispensable ensemble. Consisting of water resistant jackets, pants, and occasionally hats or gloves, this specialized gear is skillfully crafted to shield golfers from the elements while ensuring optimal comfort during rainy rounds. The materials utilized are not only waterproof but also breathable, preventing overheating while providing effective protection against the rain. Prioritizing ease of use, many golf rain jackets incorporate adjustable cuffs and hems for a secure fit, while the pants often feature zippered bottoms, facilitating effortless removal over golf shoes. This specialized gear serves as a reliable companion, allowing golf enthusiasts to pursue their passion with resilience and style, regardless of the weather conditions.

Gift card for Go Play Golf

Golf Course Gift Card

When in doubt, a gift card to their favorite golf course is a thoughtful choice. It allows your favorite golfer to enjoy a day on the greens, whether for a round of golf, a lesson with a pro, or indulging in the clubhouse amenities. Additionally, for those short on time, this is one of those gifts for golfers that is easy to pick up at a gift card station in stores.

The GoPlayGolf Card is redeemed online and can be used to book a tee time or to purchase an item from their online store.

Carl’s Golfland, a Michigan-based store also has gift cards that can be purchased online. They have a great selection online as well as two storefront locations that are like a toy store for golfers.

Finding the perfect gifts for golfers doesn’t mean breaking the bank. With these affordable options, you can make any golfer’s day without putting a dent in your wallet. So, whether they’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these gifts are sure to score a hole-in-one with the golf enthusiast in your life. Happy gifting and happy golfing!

Golf Balls Make Great Holiday Gifts.

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