The 2024 Michigan Golf Show in Novi, Michigan had something for everyone.  We enjoyed meeting avid golfers and enthusiasts from across the state. Also, we met a few visitors to the mitten state, too! Held at the Suburban Collection Showplace, this annual event showcases the latest innovations in golf equipment, apparel, and technology for every aspect of the golf game.  We had the opportunity to explore a wide array of exhibitors. These ranged from renowned golf club manufacturers to travel destinations and resorts. We’re sharing some great deals and intriguing products. Additionally, we found several options to purchase used equipment available. For those who want to keep costs down, this is a popular choice.

Perhaps the most interesting part of attending the Golf Show was the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs.  So many great innovations have an origin story linked to a course or golf trip – and we love to hear the tales.  Having reviewed over 100 Michigan golf courses, we can understand if the relaxing landscape inspires creativity.  Just like other seasoned golfers and newcomers, we found valuable insights on products and golf packages. With its vibrant atmosphere and comprehensive offerings, the 2024 Michigan Golf Show proved to be a value destination for all things golf. We’re sharing a few booths that stood out:

Golf Products of Interest

T.A.G. Golf Co

T.A.G. Golf Co.

Golf towels with a magnet caught our attention and we wanted to know all about their T.A.G story. Dan and Pat shared their “Take A Gimmie” story and showed us the magnet Towel. It’s great for Picking It Up with a club. (Get it? Take A Gimmie = PICK IT UP.) There’s even a smaller, handy towel with the same magnet for cleaning golf balls when it’s time to putt. But wait – there’s more! They have a belt clip that pairs with their towel’s magnet to keep the small towel conveniently at your hip. Needless to say, we wanted to take these for a round on the course. We’ll go into more detail in our upcoming review of these innovative magnetic golf towels. You can also expect a review of T.A.G. Golf Co’s Birdie Wipes.

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FocalPoint Putters

Focal Point Putters

FocalPoint Putters is a new name in the golfing industry. A true family affair that includes CEO Hollis McLain III, Curnel McLain, and Christian McLain, all of whom shared a dream with their late father, Hollis Jr. Each putter is crafted with attention to detail. Advanced materials and technology optimize feel, balance, and alignment on the greens. With a focus on improving consistency and confidence in putting, alignment is built into the putter’s design. FocalPoint Putters is growing a reputation for excellence among golfers seeking to elevate their game. Designed with a 100% sweet spot, these are made fully in the U.S.A. FocalPoint Putters may seem a bit unconventional, but they are approved by the USGA.

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Michigan Golf Matrix is planning a future review on FocalPoint Putters.

Golf Skin

Golf Skin.

If you’ve read our post about golf club headcovers, you know we appreciate options to stand out. Golf Skin is a club decal company that specializes in providing high-quality, customizable decals for golf clubs. With a focus on personalization and style, Golf Skin offers a wide range of designs, colors, and patterns. These decals not only add a touch of flair to golf clubs. They also serve as a practical way to protect and identify equipment on the course. Additionally, some designs are actually alignment guides that some golfers may find helpful. Designed to be durable and easy-to-apply, these decals (much like applying auto graphics) are removable without residue.

For more information visit the GolfSkin store on Amazon

Watch for our upcoming review of GolfSkin on our site.

Supporting Others thru Golf

LPGA Amateur Golf Association

LPGA Amateur Golf Association.

The LPGA Amateur Golf Association’s Detroit chapter is a vibrant community for women golfers of all skill levels in the Motor City and its surrounding areas. Its mission is to empower and connect women through the game of golf. This chapter offers a welcoming and supportive environment for players to improve their skills, build friendships, and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow golf enthusiasts. Through various events, including tournaments, clinics, and social gatherings at some of the finest courses, the Detroit chapter fosters a sense of belonging and camaraderie among its members. It also provides opportunities for networking and personal growth both on and off the course. Led by dedicated volunteers and passionate leaders, the LPGA Amateur Golf Association’s Detroit chapter continues to thrive as a beacon of women’s golf in the local community.

Folds of Honor

Folds of Honor

Folds of Honor, a distinguished non-profit organization, stands out for its innovative approach to fundraising. We enjoyed meeting these veterans and learning more about their mission. These events serve as vital platforms for gathering support and resources to fulfill the organization’s mission. Funds raised through these events provide educational scholarships to the families of fallen and disabled service members. With a deep connection to the golf community, Folds of Honor hosts various tournaments, charity golf outings, and other golf-related activities across the country. These events not only raise crucial funds but also foster a sense of unity and camaraderie among participants. Through the power of golf, Folds of Honor continues to make a profound impact. See our events page for their upcoming tournaments.
For more info or to make a donation, see

Five Iron Golf team holding tote bags

Five Iron Golf

Five Iron Golf has two locations in Michigan: Downtown Detroit and Shelby Township. Their mission is to bring out the golfer in everyone, from the serious pro who wants high tech simulators to the novice golfer who wants lessons. They have leagues, memberships, event space, and multisport simulators.

Their Downtown Detroit location has a PGA Tour Superstore with club fitting services to help you meet your goals this golf season. If you read our recent post about regripping and want a consultation, they may be able to help you.

To find out about their specials, see their website or or

Golf Cannon

Golf Cannon

We had a blast learning about this product! Golf Cannon by Golf Tournament Solutions specializes in high-performance golf ball launchers for charity golf events. Their patented cannons have a Progressive Parabolic Curved Barrel employing the Fibonacci Sequence. This special barrel makes the cannons much more accurate and safer than straight-barrel cannons. Constructed of metal, it does not have the potential to shatter as a PVC or plastic air cannon. Additionally, the GTS Golf Cannon is designed to be quiet and have very little recoil, making them a great choice for golfers of any age.

Mostly, the Golf Cannon is a great way for tournaments, events or charity events to raise extra donations. Participants donate to use the golf cannon on a preselected hole during the event. The team at Golf Cannon can also provide guidance on how to maximize your fundraising. This fun, safe, and exciting way to have a long drive contest  will be the talk of the event. See them at

Golf Specials

Evergreen Resort

Evergreen Resort

Evergreen Resorts in Cadillac, Michigan beckons golf enthusiasts with its stunning 27 hole course set amidst the state’s scenic splendor. While the 18-hole Spruce Course is known for its challenges and natural beauty, the 9-hole Norway course offers a more casual experience. Whether teeing off amidst the vibrant colors of fall foliage or enjoying a leisurely summer afternoon on the links, golfers can revel in the natural beauty that surrounds them. After a satisfying round, golfers can unwind, enjoying the resort’s spacious accommodations with home-like amenities. In fact, you may want to stay longer and golf at other nearby courses. They can customize packages for a memorable golf trips.

See for more information.

Doherty Hotel

Doherty Hotel – Unlimited Golf

Nestled in the heart of Clare, Michigan, the Doherty Hotel offers an enticing retreat for golf enthusiasts with its exclusive stay and play packages. This historic hotel sits at the intersection of three major roadways, owned and managed by the fourth generation of Dohertys. The hotel partners with nearby championship golf courses to offer access to some of the finest fairways and greens in the area. These include The Quest, Bucks Run, The Emerald, and the Pohlcat Golf Course, with reviews on our site. Packages include unlimited golf with a cart, full breakfast and a drink voucher. As noted clearly on their site and brochure, some restrictions apply so call for all the details. After a rewarding day on the course, golfers can unwind and enjoy a delicious meal a relax with a drink in the Leprechaun Lounge.

For more information see:

KO Sales and Travel

RO Sales and Travel

RO Sales and Travel is an innovative company that specializes in offering exclusive golf deals and travel packages for enthusiasts worldwide. What caught our attention was the 12 rounds of golf package for $74.99. This package includes 14 Michigan courses as well as others in Indiana and Ohio. Each course’s participation is color coded so you know how to plan and any restrictions are printed in red.

See RO Sales Golf Package for more information, including a map illustrating course locations for the 12 rounds of golf package. They also plan golf stay and play vacations and have contact information for more details on their site.

Michigan Golf Show Summary

2024 Michigan Golf Show

If you bring a bit of curiosity when you visit a golf show, you won’t be disappointed.  The 2024 Michigan Golf Show in Novi showcased a diverse range of exhibits, activities, and vendors catering to golf enthusiasts of all levels. Held at the Suburban Collection Showplace, the event featured numerous golf equipment manufacturers, golf course representatives, and travel destinations, offering attendees the chance to explore and purchase the latest gear and accessories. In addition to browsing exhibits, visitors had the opportunity to test out equipment on-site, ensuring they found the perfect fit for their needs.

The Michigan Golf Show in Novi served as a hub for networking among fellow golf enthusiasts, sharing tips and experiences, and discovering new trends and innovations in the sport. Overall, the show provided a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for golfers, fostering a sense of community and excitement for the upcoming golf season.

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